Hello!  I’m Alicia, and I’m so happy you’re here.  I am an expat in Paris with two children from Chicago.  I left a crazy corporate job to move to Paris, and have found joy and inspiration in tuning out all of the noise and just experiencing life again.  Now I finally have time and space to follow the bread crumbs I see all around me … I’m so inspired that I want to share them with you.

Through my time here, upon reflection I’ve realized that before I arrived I had become a mom robot!  A person DOING instead of a person actually BEING. It’s easy to get stuck in that trap.  Between bananas family logistics, social stuff, a crazy job, and trying to be perfect because that’s what women like me think they’re supposed to do, I lost sight of the point. The point is living!  Meandering, following bread crumbs…without a purpose. Just for the sheer joy of the process.

My wish is to make you want to play with your wardrobe and interiors again … to help women like me stop rushing through everything and reflexively buying.  I’ve always been obsessed with style and interiors, but I was in such a hurry in every way that I just bought without thinking sometimes!  My wish is to remind and inspire you to carve out time for having fun, playing and experimenting with your style & interiors more mindfully.  In simple terms, enjoying what you have.  Of course, picking up a new shiny object is always fun too (and I do plenty of that!), but better in balance and coming from a mindful place.

To that end, I’ll share miscellaneous musings and ideas I have around styling, brands, interiors, museums, food, etc that I discover.  I’ll also introduce you to everyday women like us who are sneakily extraordinary and explain why.  Let’s all look good together … and more important FEEL amazing and refreshed from the inside out!

Can’t wait to share their stories, my story, and to hear yours.  XXO

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