Excited to share Emily’s chic style & honest perspective!  She was my right-hand woman during my first three years in marketing at CB2 before she moved to New York to work for Bonobos.  I was impressed by Emily’s minimalist style from the moment she walked into the room for her first interview (dress with an oversized blazer on top, sleeves pushed up).  Emily’s look is effortless, casual and elegant – more edgy than classic.  Her minimalist style is understated, never forced.  I miss her gentle, thoughtful personality and a wicked sense of humor.  Her insights around style as well as her raw, honest perspective on balancing work/home reminded me that we’re all in this together.  Enjoy!  Xxo Alicia

helmut lang coat, Le Square AYR sweater, AYR jeans, no. 6 clogs

Doen dress, Soludos shoes


Emily, share 3 few fun facts about yourself:

  • I’ve been in NY since 2005.
  • I met my husband, Rick, blindly, on a set-up date. His ex-girlfriend set us up during an office convo at J.Crew.
  • Fast forward to today and we have two children ages 1 and 6. So I guess I’m in in the thick of it. 
  • I head up marketing at Soludos and love it. Soludos is a fashion shoe/accessory brand based in Soho inspired by travel and discovery.

How would you describe your style?

I gravitate toward simple pieces that are easy and go together, and I love an unexpected detail, seam, or angle.  Cuts that are more architectural or streamlined help me look more pulled together.  I pretty much wear a uniform each season. This season, straight-legged denim, a Soludos mid-heel venetian boot, and turtleneck sweaters tucked in the front are in constant rotation for me.  In the summer, I wear a lot of dresses and more color.  That said, I’m still most comfortable in a great pair of denim and top.  In general, I experiment more with tops than pants or skirts.

Finally, I like to play with proportion. I’m tall (5’10) and long-waisted, so I find that a 2-inch heel helps me to even out my proportions. Most of my jeans are ankle length or shorter for the same reason.  I buy the majority of my denim from AYR.  Their fits are amazing and I like supporting small brands.  My favorites styles are the The Bomb Pop and The Lil Dude.

Emily minimalist style black turtleneck, denim, boots

Has your style changed over the years?

Yes, it’s changed a lot! I settled into my current style in my mid-20s. Believe it or not, I rocked many a Vineyard Vines top and skirt when I was in college and after!  I moved to NYC after college.  It didn’t take long there before I moved away from that preppy look toward more minimalist style. I wanted something that made me feel more sophisticated, less cute – especially at work. 

Emily - everyday style icon - minimalist style - simple, architectural dress

How has NYC influenced your style?

I work in Soho and it is so inspiring. It’s a neighborhood that celebrates creativity and individuality … I can walk out and get inspired within a block.  I have so much appreciation for the people I see around here, they have an amazing taste level.  The biggest trend I’m seeing in NY these days is feminine dressing.  Style in the city feels much more bohemian and earthy, which has not really been the case in the past. 

What are some of your favorite pieces or looks and why?

Aside from my uniform, I love jumpsuits. I feel good in them and wear them all of the time – especially when it warms up.  I like the ease of dressing they provide. You can wear them anywhere and you stand out, but don’t stick out.  You look interesting, but not like you’re looking for attention…they strike the right balance.  I have a few jumpsuits from Apiece Apart that I really like.

Emily minimalist style black jumpsuit

Are you more of an external shopper or a shop your closeter? Do you shop by season?

I’m a hardcore online shopper. I hate shopping in stores, I don’t find it to be an enjoyable experience and it’s not relaxing for me.  There’s something about the interaction with employees that feels pressured to me, or unnatural or something.

I tend to shop when I’m getting annoyed in a morning getting ready and feel like I need more options. I don’t shop by fashion calendar at all. If I shop sale, I’ll do Moda or Net a Porter – places I don’t typically shop at regular price.

I would love to be better at re-mixing within my existing closet.  It’s a really fun thing to do!  I guess my approach to re-mixing is having things that are all basic and go together.  I’m in a stage where it feels good to be easy on myself. 

Favorite brands?

I own a ton of AYR. Other brands I love are Apiece apart, Madewell, Reformation, Creatures of Comfort, Acne for outerwear, and Ulla Johnson’s less bohemian/more minimalist pieces.

I really admire Reformation from a brand and sustainability perspective. They source fabrics utilizing principles of sustainability, they’re carbon neutral and you can buy carbon emission offsets on their site.  They do a full eco-report each quarter. They’ll even incentivize you if you shift to wind power energy, you’ll get a gift certificate!

What are your favorite podcasts or books? 

I listen to The Daily, Pivot, Pod Save America, Bitch Sesh, and Serial/crime thrillers.

Tell us about your neighborhood and your interiors vs personal style.

We live in the West Village in Manhattan in a brownstone with two units. It’s pre-war so it has beautiful trims, moldings and windows, and a beautiful garden in the back. We’re lucky to be here.  The West Village has a quaint, quiet neighborhood-ey feel, and our son goes to the public school. 

I’ve learned over the years that it is helpful to just buy things that you love as you discover them, over time and sporadically. When you move into a new place, there’s always a pressure to make it perfect, to outfit the entire house, but it’s not worth it. Our home style is a lot more eclectic than my fashion style.  It’s more adventurous; we have bold patterns, bright colors, interesting light fixtures, and a mix of vintage and modern.  I low high/low and new/old mixes in the home. 

What are some of your favorite pieces you have collected over time?

I have a set of white CB2 chairs that I bought them I worked there that I had reupholstered in a Scalamandre zebra print. They were from a limited edition Novogratz x CB2 collaboration that I worked on, so the chairs were meaningful to me, and I made them my own with the fabric!  I love reupholstering things, it’s a creative outlet. I also love the chair (Eames) in our bedroom and an orange leather chair I snagged at a fancy resale store in Chelsea.  It’s the little pieces you find that bring you joy – you had to work to get them!

chair being desribed

I’m obsessed with the idea of work/life balance because I’ve never been able to find it and it’s a unicorn for me.  Tell me about your career trajectory and explore that a bit. 

I worked for about 7 years, then went to business school (NYU) with the hope of changing industries and careers.  I wanted to get into marketing.  After business school I took a job within marketing at Tom Ford Beauty (Estee Lauder).  In Chicago, I got lucky again, working at CB2.  CB2 is really where I cut my teeth into the part of marketing I loved most.  I didn’t have kids for most of that time. 

The first time I felt the squeeze was when we moved back to NY with a baby and I started work at Bonobos.  I had that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach about work and kid time. Something wasn’t right, and it was a struggle for 2.5 years.

That 2.5 years made me question a lot about balance, gender roles, our goals as a couple, and what I was looking for. How I was raised was about being likable and well-rounded… that mattered a lot. My perspective is so different now…I think it’s really cool to raise a daughter now and we teach her, “eh, don’t worry about being liked… it’s important to be a good person and don’t worry about the rest of it.”

Rick & I landed in a really good place during that time of stress.  It’s refreshing as you get older to recognize there’s nothing wrong with saying this isn’t the right fit for me – I am going to move on. I decided I needed to take time off, so I quit and took time for a breath, to figure it out.  Rick was very supportive. I really appreciate that his attitude made it so easy for us to do that. Because of that support, I took a lot of time thinking about my priorities and what I really wanted when I was looking for a new job. I said no to so many things!  It was refreshing to do that! I knew what I wanted. I had my final interview at Soludos when I was 38 weeks pregnant, sweating and about to give birth… but I knew it was finally the right place for me at the right time.

Emily - everyday style icon - minimalist style - blouse & denim Emily - everyday style icon - minimalist style - blouse & denim

Ulla Johnson top, Creatures of Comfort jeans, Soludos mulesd

Your IG is “Aspiring multi-tasker” which makes me laugh.  Tell me about that.

The idea of multi-tasking really stresses me out! I’m terrible at multi-tasking. My blood pressure rises when two things happen at once. Now I just try to do the opposite – to fully compartmentalize and be present with whatever I’m doing at one time. It’s been a game-changer for me and is keeping me sane.

I fight the need to just DO instead of BE.  Maybe it’s a perfectionism thing? It cramps creative space. When and where do you make creative space for yourself? 

That’s the thing I find most challenging in my job. There’s a big creative component to this role regarding campaign strategy and vision…and you can’t think creatively if you’re bombarded with to-do’s. I appreciate that the fact that creativity is part of my job forces me to make time for a clear head, and time to let my brain wander.

Have you read the articles lately about emotional labor? It’s not actually the tasks themselves that bother me, it’s the list constantly bouncing around in my head that causes so much stress. Women take on all of this emotional labor and it’s super hard. Reading these articles and identifying what was happening has helped me to articulate what I feel sometimes if I snap or get irritable.  Check them out.

Speaking of being, not doing – do you have any Insider tips on favorite places to hang in NYC on a date? With kids? By yourself?

Yes!  Spotted Pig, The Otheroom, Mary’s Fish Camp with the kids, Gray Dog, Jack’s Wife Freida are some of my favorite spots. By myself, my favorite thing to do is to walk around the city by myself with headphones. I walk a mile to/from work every day.   I look forward to this time.  It’s a great way to ease in and out of the workday.

What minutiae have you cut out of your life to make space for things you love to do?  

Cooking.  I don’t cook at all right now.  We order in, a lot. It has felt really liberating to declare “I don’t cook anymore.”  I don’t feel guilty about it and I don’t miss it.  It’s been nice – and I can hang out with my kids a ton more.

Yael Azrouel dress

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Emily - everyday style icon - minimalist style - sweater with stripes
Each x Other sweater, Equipment top, Mother denim 


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