Paris Guide: Families

I post this list begrudgingly, because creating a respectable guide for a city with 10,000 things to do is an impossible feat!  (not to mention I’m the 1,543,000 person to do so) . But alas, because I continue to receive at least one request per week for ideas from families visiting Paris (as well as … Continue Reading

Insider Tips: Things to Do in Paris

I posted the article interviewing Everyday Style Icon Caroline from Paris recently.  As a follow up to that, I also spent a few minutes picking her brain on things to do in Paris that are off the beaten path. Who doesn’t appreciate an insider tip? This is a short follow up, so if you haven’t had a … Continue Reading

For the Love of Denmark, an Interview.

Karin & Mia met in college in Denmark, and it was besties at first sight.  Both are proud to be Danish. This winter I visited Copenhagen.  Despite the fact that I had to wear multiple layers and long underwear – eg looked like a stuffed pig, I was amazed by the vibe, design, cool people … Continue Reading