Fast Forward into Spring with Camel + White

The sun has been peeking out finally – and I’m ready to celebrate even thought it’s still cold.  I love this subtle combo.  Layering a pop of white in with camel completely transforms it into something more crisp and fresh.  And I’m pretty sure simply pulling white denim out again after a long winter provides … Continue Reading

Moto Jacket: 5 Days, 5 Ways.

That said, after interviewing Everyday Style Icon Veronique, I re-framed how I think about jackets entirely.  My wardrobe thirsted for a proper Moto Jacket.  I preferred a vintage one, so I checked out the options at 4-5 dépôt vente stores.  But I didn’t find The One.  I ended up finding the love of my leather moto … Continue Reading

Easy outfit hack: Navy & Black.

The Trusty Navy Blazer The navy blazer is your friend, a closet staple.  Although my style is miles from preppy, my navy blazer gets serious airtime.  I find that it adds polish and structure to dresses, skirts, denim, shorts, etc.  To experiment with this hack, go find yours in your closet or pick one up … Continue Reading

Meghan Markle: White Dress Styling Hack.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ll keep this short & sweet.  I saw this gorgeous photo of Meghan Markle  in a white dress, and loved how she unexpectedly topped it with a black belt.  A simple touch but made a big difference as the belt gave the dress some subtle edge. I took a white dress … Continue Reading

Rashida Jones: An Easy LBD Twist.

I have mentioned before that I low key from time to time “borrow” the components of a celebrity’s look if I’m feeling lazy and want to magically generate something new out of my existing closet.  Here’s another example of a style steal that you might have interest in trying out.  This one comes from the … Continue Reading

Cropped Faux Leather Pants: 5 Days, 5+ Ways.

I bought a pair of cheap faux leather pants at H&M, then took them to my trusty tailor here in Paris (who doesn’t speak English but somehow it works) to slightly narrow and crop the legs.  The key is making sure they look clean and crisp – no baggy crotch, no bulging pretend-leather. Also, go … Continue Reading

White button down shirt: 4 Days, 4 Ways.

Increasingly often, I refresh what I already own vs reflexively buying new. This is a combo of growing consciousness about fashion industry waste (2nd biggest polluter in the world), financial constraints (if I keep buying all new sh— I won’t be able to keep furnishing my house), and time constraints. I don’t have time to … Continue Reading

Zendaya: Break Out Your Utility Jumpsuit.

Make it Easy, People. We all have those days when we lack time or energy to think of something to wear – but we still want to look cute, like we (marginally at least) tried, and maybe even showered.  On those days, I typically flip through street styles on IG or Pinterest, then quickly pull … Continue Reading