French Style: Real vs. Hype from 2 Seasoned Expat Voyeurs

I got into a heated conversation this spring while at lunch with fellow expatriates Ali and Susannah (from North Carolina & California).  We talked about the differences between what we see on the streets everyday from a french style/life perspective vs how the media likes to romanticize it.  This conversation needed to make its way … Continue Reading

It’s Time for Straight Leg Jeans.

Making a case for classic, straight-leg jeans C’mon… I’m not alone… who else is sick of the second-skin tightness of skinny jeans? My legs are getting positively claustrophobic.  I’m having trouble remembering why I thought skinny jeans were so flattering in the first place … maybe it’s been a winter of too many baguettes, but … Continue Reading

Best Sightseeing Getaway/Vacation Outfit

Overnight to London We surprised the kids with an overnight trip to London.  I knew I’d be walking the entire time so I needed a vacation outfit that was functional… but of course I also wanted it to be chic enough to take me into the night.  I was super happy with this choice. This … Continue Reading

Best Sunglasses: Inside & Out. Jimmy Fairly

     Both wearing Jimmy Fairly sunglasses. Love the retro yet also somehow futuristic frame on hers (and the red pop!). On mine, I love the marble and clear materials mix.  Can’t go wrong with this shape!   I will try and keep this post about finding the best sunglasses short and sweet.  I am … Continue Reading

Live Large in a Parisian-Style Statement Coat.

A well cut Statement Coat and a Parisian are like peanut butter and jelly.  I love this because not only do they look amazing, but they are actually super cozy and comfortable!  This year I’m seeing a ton of diversity in the statement coats… but one thing seems to tie them all together:  the bigger, … Continue Reading

Blackout: Easy Monochromatic Dressing.

For Your Consideration… Le All Black Outfit During the holiday break, we trekked to the States to visit family.  I write this blog, in part, to help keep myself in check around intentionally carving out time for myself (yourself) and my (your) passions so that we don’t all go crazy.  However, I broke all of … Continue Reading

5 NYE Outfit Strategies.

Went on the hunt for a New Year’s Eve outfit before we travel. I don’t need anything fancy, just something beyond the ordinary day-to-day.  Since I’m running late on shipping time, I knocked this out in a day shopping online at a handful stores (and I went in person to& Other Stories in Paris and … Continue Reading

5 Things to Buy: 2018 Fall/Winter Trends.

Fall fashion was initially elusive this year with the late season heat.  However, now that the weather has cooled, I am paying attention.  A few readers were interested in hearing what Parisians are wearing. From what I see, Parisian women are keying into a handful of fall trends right now: specifically, animal prints, androgynous suiting, … Continue Reading

This Fall: Try Boho Maxidresses or Fall Florals

My style is more tomboy than bohemian.  And I’ll be honest – even typing the words “fall florals” makes me nod off… am envisioning little old ladies in florals in tiny matching hats.  That said — here I sit, inspired by both.  I am seeing all sorts of blossomy botanic patterns wandering around on stylish Parisians this fall.  … Continue Reading

Blazers with Shorts, Spotted in Paris.

Bonjour, global warming. The weather this fall in Paris is throwing me for a loop. In the course of a day, I can be hot, cold, getting rained on, and then perfectly temperate.  Friends in the States are sharing similar stories of weather woe.  What’s a level-headed lady to wear? Parisian women can’t really be … Continue Reading