Best Morning Mango Smoothie.

I  love this mango smoothie because it takes zero time to make, and my kids actually enjoy drinking it.  Plus, it packs a punch because it contains a cup of spinach, which no one seems to notice despite its green hue (for once!).  Bonne santé!  Ingredients: 1 cup frozen spinach 1 cup frozen mango ½ … Continue Reading

Recipe: 2 Easy, Delicious Vegetable Soups

These nourishing vegetable soup recipes are the antidote to the unhealthy food we all motor through at holiday parties… make one/eat it on a night off from the holiday circuit.  This recipe is easy to make and is from the wonderful chef Mary-Audrey at idine4u@instagram (pictured here).  MA’s recipes are as delicious as they are nutritious – … Continue Reading

Recipe: Chocolate & Sea Salt Granola.

Delicious recipe for a sweet & salty version of dark chocolate granola

Recipe: Quick & Easy Blackened Fish Tacos.

Thrilled to be sharing another recipe from one of my favorite chefs – Mary-Audrey from idine4u@instagram. This one is for fish tacos. Her recipes are as delicious as they are nutritious – she’s one of those people whose skin literally glows!  Enjoy! ——— Hi! I’m Mary-Audrey and I’m excited to share this yummy and easy recipe with … Continue Reading

Recipe: Easy Chicken & Veggie Curry (DF, GF, can be made Vegan).

 This recipe is from one of my favorite chefs – Mary-Audrey from idine4u@instagram.  I am excited to share that she will be an enthusiastic ongoing contributor to Follow Bread Crumbs.  M.A.’s recipes are healthy, family-friendly, easily adaptable, leverage seasonal ingredients, and most importantly (having tasted the goods) delish! Well hello there!  I’m Mary-Audrey.  I’m committed … Continue Reading

Recipe: Golden Milk.

A few years ago, I experienced recurring respiratory infections. I began studying how to boost the immune system with food. Turmeric quickly popped in my research as an exceptional spice due to its antioxidant power, as did a compound within it, curcumin. Unfortunately for me, it was an “I told you so” moment from my … Continue Reading