Tommy & Nakisa’s Beautiful, Bohemian Style Santa Barbara Home.

  Tell us about your home in California. Tommy: We live in Santa Barbara in a Mediterranean, bohemian style home. Santa Barbara faces directly south – not west, like most of CA.  Because we’re south, the water is a lot calmer, it’s less windy, and you get sun all day, from morning till night.We bought the … Continue Reading

Glam & Polished Interior Design. Amy, Chicago.

Tell us about your home. Can you describe your vision/interior design inspiration? My home is located in downtown Chicago.  It was built  12 years ago, and I have lived here for 10 years.  It was built as a spec house. After seeing 30 homes in 2 years, the second my husband Mark and I  saw … Continue Reading

Co-Founder, M+M Interiors: Kim Meardon, Chicago.

Had so much fun picking the brain of talented interior designer and entrepreneur Kim Meardon from M+M Interior Design.  Kim and I met at a charity event many years back, keep crossing paths in crazy ways.  Since then, many of my most discerning friends have chosen her firm for their interior projects.  I started following … Continue Reading

Co-founder, 52 Rooms: Amy. The Power of Mindful Interior Design

It was such a treat to chat with Amy Purcell, co-founder of Fifty Two Rooms.  She is clearly a woman who trusts her own gut and is not afraid of risk.   I find the way that she embraces the process super inspiring.  The story of Fifty Two Rooms reflects her (and her co-founder’s) creativity, integrity, … Continue Reading

Designer: Alice Larkin, SF. 3 Homes, 3 Looks, 1 Design Philosophy.

One reason I started this blog was to share all of the cool things that “everyday” women around me were doing.  These women never stop experimenting and trying new things.  Born/raised in London but a resident of San Francisco for the past 17 years, Alice Larkin recently sparked my attention after I heard about her … Continue Reading

Modern Wonder: Midcentury Home Restoration, Mary. Detroit.

I lived with 10 housemates in college who are like sisters to me.  One of them, Mary Lubera, has spent the past 10 years purchasing and lovingly restoring the last mid-century modern home designed by influential modernist visionary Alexander Girard (1907–1993).  Todd Oldham recently wrote a book him called Alexander Girard.  This past September, Dwell Magazine … Continue Reading

Natalie, Chicago. Go Big or Go Home.

Natalie is a close friend of mine from Chicago who recently completed a big renovation – a gorgeous gut rehab of two floors in her home.  I’m about to embark on a similar project, so was eager to hear details and see inspiration pics.   I also asked Natalie about her bold, colorful chic style and … Continue Reading

Everyday Style Icon: Paris. Caroline.

Caroline has been a dear friend and sensei for me in Paris, guiding me through French lessons, where to shop, eat, and hang.  She grew up in the south of France but has settled for the past 15+ years in the 2nd arrondissement.  Taking time to dive deeply into Caroline’s classic French style and sincere, … Continue Reading

Tour: Erica, Chicago. Rich Color & Uniqueness.

I sat down with my friend Erica, whose home & décor I have always admired.  Erica is is one of those people who isn’t afraid to zig when everyone else zags, and her home reflects her wonderful taste and individuality.  Read below to see her home design (images are sprinkled throughout) and channel her creativity. … Continue Reading