Making a case for classic, straight-leg jeans

C’mon… I’m not alone… who else is sick of the second-skin tightness of skinny jeans? My legs are getting positively claustrophobic.  I’m having trouble remembering why I thought skinny jeans were so flattering in the first place … maybe it’s been a winter of too many baguettes, but I’m pretty sure skinny jeans (not croissants) are making me look stumpy.  While I appreciate how the stretch in skinny jeans can be soft & stretchy, I think it’s time to move on.  As further motivation, I’ve been paying a lot of attention, and Parisian women have really moved to straight-leg jeans. They typically wear them cropped short so that they look neat and tidy, and graze over the tops of their ankle boots. Straight-leg jeans moved into last season, and they are top dog now.  I prefer more narrowly cut straight-leg options, but own and wear a variety of versions.

K FINE … brands? fit?

It took awhile, but I’ve slowly migrated most of my jeans to straight-leg over the past year.  It’s challenging because I found that that most straight-leg jeans I tried on (how horrendous is to find a dang pair of jeans?) weren’t really “straight-leg”, but actually bootcut. Bootcut can be fun, but I don’t wear them everyday. For the average joe of a day, I just want something that will lengthen me into one nice, straight, classic line.  A true straight-leg with the lengthening effect of skinnies – but in a silhouette that feels fresh, relaxed, and real.

I personally prefer a mid or higher waist.  They pull me in and I like how they look with a shirt tucked in.  I like the pairs that fit snugly on the buns so that they don’t look sloppy.  A little retro, classic glam… or maybe I’m just totally 80s. Regardless, go ankle length or higher. Having the right length is important as it ensures you can see a little ankle and elongate.  To get to the optimal length, I manually cut my hems with scissors and then rub a razor over the hem edge. Don’t get overwhelmed by this technique as I swear it’s super easy!!! After you throw them into the wash a few times, the hem will be perfect.

I own Paige’s Jacqueline Straight (1st pic), Levis 724s (2nd pic), Mother’s Rascal (not pictured but obsessed with them they fit great and couldn’t be more comfy), and Totême (pictured in this post about dressing monochromatically).

Shop Straight-Leg Jean Picks:

I like all of these. A few of these are even on Amazon, which makes me feel like I didn’t buy anything at all!

#1.  MOTHER, The Rascal Straight Leg with Chewed Hem $171. Shop HERE. I own these and LOVE THEM.

#2.  PAIGE, (on amazon) High-Rise Sarah Straight Jean $229. Shop HERE.

#3.  AG Mari High Rise Straight Jeans $255. Shop HERE.

#4.  Frame Le High Straight Leg $225. Shop HERE.

#5.  Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans ~$60. Shop HERE on or HERE on levi’s site.

#6.  Levi’s Re/Done  High Rise Stove Pipe $250. Shop HERE

#7.  Hudson Nico Midrise Cigarette $130 on amazon. Shop HERE



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