It’s Time for Straight Leg Jeans.

Making a case for classic, straight-leg jeans C’mon… I’m not alone… who else is sick of the second-skin tightness of skinny jeans? My legs are getting positively claustrophobic.  I’m having trouble remembering why I thought skinny jeans were so flattering in the first place … maybe it’s been a winter of too many baguettes, but … Continue Reading

Tommy & Nakisa’s Beautiful, Bohemian Style Santa Barbara Home.

  Tell us about your home in California. Tommy: We live in Santa Barbara in a Mediterranean, bohemian style home. Santa Barbara faces directly south – not west, like most of CA.  Because we’re south, the water is a lot calmer, it’s less windy, and you get sun all day, from morning till night.We bought the … Continue Reading

Everyday Style Icon, Annie: Chicago. Joyful Dressing.

Annie, share 3 few fun facts about yourself: My siblings are my wealth. Having 7 siblings nurtured creativity.  I always had hand-me-downs, so I had to alter my clothes!  Rolling the sleeves, cuffing the hems, and making them my own in other ways made me creative and resourceful as a stylist. I met my husband on a … Continue Reading

Glam & Polished Interior Design. Amy, Chicago.

Tell us about your home. Can you describe your vision/interior design inspiration? My home is located in downtown Chicago.  It was built  12 years ago, and I have lived here for 10 years.  It was built as a spec house. After seeing 30 homes in 2 years, the second my husband Mark and I  saw … Continue Reading

The Cleanse

The new year – January in particular – was a slow burn for me.  There was a death in our family, we returned from a long holiday in the US, and our kids fell off the time zone and were a sleep wreck for a solid week.  Something funky happened to my neck and I … Continue Reading

Best Sightseeing Getaway/Vacation Outfit

Overnight to London We surprised the kids with an overnight trip to London.  I knew I’d be walking the entire time so I needed a vacation outfit that was functional… but of course I also wanted it to be chic enough to take me into the night.  I was super happy with this choice. This … Continue Reading