Live Large in a Parisian-Style Statement Coat.

A well cut Statement Coat and a Parisian are like peanut butter and jelly.  I love this because not only do they look amazing, but they are actually super cozy and comfortable!  This year I’m seeing a ton of diversity in the statement coats… but one thing seems to tie them all together:  the bigger, … Continue Reading

Co-founder, 52 Rooms: Amy. The Power of Mindful Interior Design

It was such a treat to chat with Amy Purcell, co-founder of Fifty Two Rooms.  She is clearly a woman who trusts her own gut and is not afraid of risk.   I find the way that she embraces the process super inspiring.  The story of Fifty Two Rooms reflects her (and her co-founder’s) creativity, integrity, … Continue Reading

Blackout: Easy Monochromatic Dressing.

For Your Consideration… Le All Black Outfit During the holiday break, we trekked to the States to visit family.  I write this blog, in part, to help keep myself in check around intentionally carving out time for myself (yourself) and my (your) passions so that we don’t all go crazy.  However, I broke all of … Continue Reading

Designer: Alice Larkin, SF. 3 Homes, 3 Looks, 1 Design Philosophy.

One reason I started this blog was to share all of the cool things that “everyday” women around me were doing.  These women never stop experimenting and trying new things.  Born/raised in London but a resident of San Francisco for the past 17 years, Alice Larkin recently sparked my attention after I heard about her … Continue Reading

Des résolutions pour 2019: (Better) Yoga Clothes.

Even though everyone knows resolutions are cliché, I still unabashedly make one (or ten) every single year.  This year’s was to to do yoga once per week in 2019.  I kept it short and sweet, and may actually do it. Or at least once every OTHER week. (backpedal, backpedal…) . Anyway, without a doubt I … Continue Reading

Best Morning Mango Smoothie.

I  love this mango smoothie because it takes zero time to make, and my kids actually enjoy drinking it.  Plus, it packs a punch because it contains a cup of spinach, which no one seems to notice despite its green hue (for once!).  Bonne santé!  Ingredients: 1 cup frozen spinach 1 cup frozen mango ½ … Continue Reading