5 NYE Outfit Strategies.

Went on the hunt for a New Year’s Eve outfit before we travel. I don’t need anything fancy, just something beyond the ordinary day-to-day.  Since I’m running late on shipping time, I knocked this out in a day shopping online at a handful stores (and I went in person to& Other Stories in Paris and … Continue Reading

20 Cool Ideas for Gifts that Give Back (from $10+).

Gifts that Give Back Okay so this is the grown up version of the post I did with kids' holiday gift ideas.  Again- donating directly to charity is always the best option, but for those people we want to gift something physical (or things we want to suggest for someone else for ourselves), here is … Continue Reading

Kids Edition: 18 Gifts that Give Back.

I think we can all agree this was a stressful year.  The news was filled with violence, natural disasters, partisan bickering, and more garbage.  I found it hard to feel like what I was doing was making much of a difference, so I’ve been thinking about what I can be doing better.  Of course it’s … Continue Reading

Modern Wonder: Midcentury Home Restoration, Mary. Detroit.

I lived with 10 housemates in college who are like sisters to me.  One of them, Mary Lubera, has spent the past 10 years purchasing and lovingly restoring the last mid-century modern home designed by influential modernist visionary Alexander Girard (1907–1993).  Todd Oldham recently wrote a book him called Alexander Girard.  This past September, Dwell Magazine … Continue Reading

L’Atelier #13, French Fashion Entrepreneur: Anne-Sophie. Paris.

I recently purchased some items from L’Atelier #13 and was intrigued to learn more about the brand, so requested an interview with the founder and entrepreneur, Anne-Sophie, to hear her story.  It was also fun to pick her brain on a few unique gift ideas for holiday.  It’s a rare treat these days to find … Continue Reading

Recipe: 2 Easy, Delicious Vegetable Soups

These nourishing vegetable soup recipes are the antidote to the unhealthy food we all motor through at holiday parties… make one/eat it on a night off from the holiday circuit.  This recipe is easy to make and is from the wonderful chef Mary-Audrey at idine4u@instagram (pictured here).  MA’s recipes are as delicious as they are nutritious – … Continue Reading

Moto Jacket: 5 Days, 5 Ways.

That said, after interviewing Everyday Style Icon Veronique, I re-framed how I think about jackets entirely.  My wardrobe thirsted for a proper Moto Jacket.  I preferred a vintage one, so I checked out the options at 4-5 dépôt vente stores.  But I didn’t find The One.  I ended up finding the love of my leather moto … Continue Reading