Recipe: Quick & Easy Blackened Fish Tacos.

Thrilled to be sharing another recipe from one of my favorite chefs – Mary-Audrey from idine4u@instagram. This one is for fish tacos. Her recipes are as delicious as they are nutritious – she’s one of those people whose skin literally glows!  Enjoy! ——— Hi! I’m Mary-Audrey and I’m excited to share this yummy and easy recipe with … Continue Reading

Tour: Erica, Chicago. Rich Color & Uniqueness.

I sat down with my friend Erica, whose home & décor I have always admired.  Erica is is one of those people who isn’t afraid to zig when everyone else zags, and her home reflects her wonderful taste and individuality.  Read below to see her home design (images are sprinkled throughout) and channel her creativity. … Continue Reading

Recipe: Easy Chicken & Veggie Curry (DF, GF, can be made Vegan).

 This recipe is from one of my favorite chefs – Mary-Audrey from idine4u@instagram.  I am excited to share that she will be an enthusiastic ongoing contributor to Follow Bread Crumbs.  M.A.’s recipes are healthy, family-friendly, easily adaptable, leverage seasonal ingredients, and most importantly (having tasted the goods) delish! Well hello there!  I’m Mary-Audrey.  I’m committed … Continue Reading

This Fall: Try Boho Maxidresses or Fall Florals

My style is more tomboy than bohemian.  And I’ll be honest – even typing the words “fall florals” makes me nod off… am envisioning little old ladies in florals in tiny matching hats.  That said — here I sit, inspired by both.  I am seeing all sorts of blossomy botanic patterns wandering around on stylish Parisians this fall.  … Continue Reading