Belted Wool Coats, Spotted in Paris.

So I moved to Paris in August 2017. As a style enthusiast, I lollygagged at cafes and museums all winter checking out Parisian style. This winter I saw many a belted wool coat. In fact, I would go as far as to say that masculine wool coats were a French uniform, with many a sexy, … Continue Reading

Zendaya: Break Out Your Utility Jumpsuit.

Make it Easy, People. We all have those days when we lack time or energy to think of something to wear – but we still want to look cute, like we (marginally at least) tried, and maybe even showered.  On those days, I typically flip through street styles on IG or Pinterest, then quickly pull … Continue Reading

Track Pants, Spotted in Paris.

When I lived in America there were many mornings when I would wake up and throw on workout clothes — knowing full well no sweating would be happening that day. Yes, it set off tiny shame spirals. Yes, I still did it because the pants were made of spandex and I have birthed children.  It … Continue Reading

Recipe: Golden Milk.

A few years ago, I experienced recurring respiratory infections. I began studying how to boost the immune system with food. Turmeric quickly popped in my research as an exceptional spice due to its antioxidant power, as did a compound within it, curcumin. Unfortunately for me, it was an “I told you so” moment from my … Continue Reading

For the Love of Denmark, an Interview.

Karin & Mia met in college in Denmark, and it was besties at first sight.  Both are proud to be Danish. This winter I visited Copenhagen.  Despite the fact that I had to wear multiple layers and long underwear – eg looked like a stuffed pig, I was amazed by the vibe, design, cool people … Continue Reading